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MyPlate provides concise messaging and evidence-based tools with actionable steps that enable organizations to reach a wide audience about healthier food and beverage choices. This toolkit provides free, ready-to-use resources for your outreach efforts.

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Connect with MyPlate

Based on the Dietary Guidelines, MyPlate encourages consumers to adopt healthy eating habits and routines.

  • Encourage people to begin with the MyPlate Quiz, a quick self-assessment tool that provides tailored resources based answers to a series of simple questions about current eating habits. Together with the Start Simple with MyPlate app, individuals can set realistic goals, join challenges, and celebrate successes. Get to know the app with its Scavenger Hunt Worksheet.
  • Explore the food groups and portion size photos in the Food Group Gallery to teach and boost understanding of portions and simple steps for making every bite count.
  • The Print Materials page contains a collection of resources that offer healthy eating guidance while supporting food preferences budget, and life stage.
  • MyPlate Kitchen serves up an array of healthy and affordable recipes, meal ideas, and videos. They show how including healthy choices from the food groups can be simple and tasty.

MyPlate is Everyone’s Plate

As the foundation for healthy eating routines, MyPlate is simple, straightforward, and can be applied to many different audiences.

How to Personalize MyPlate

MyPlate is simple, adaptable, and customizable to individual eating routines, cultural foodways and budget needs.

The Power of Partnership

As a member of an association or organization, you know that it’s better when people join efforts and work together. There are several ways to team up with MyPlate.

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Start Simple with MyPlate App

Build healthy eating habits one goal at a time! Download the Start Simple with MyPlate app today.

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Alexa Speakers and Devices

MyPlate on Alexa

Get MyPlate nutrition tips for your baby or toddler on Amazon Alexa devices or the free Alexa app.

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MyPlate.gov is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025